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About Us

(Ali) Shujaat H. Kemma is the founder and the President of Kashmir Moon LLC, a gallery of handmade decorative and wearable art. Which was established in 2001 with locations in USA, New Delhi and Mauritius.

Ali puts his heart and soul into selecting and designing each piece, which becomes his exclusive collection.

Each piece at Kashmir Moon is unique and one of a kind. When an individual selects an exquisite, hand embroidered jacket, shawl or a handmade rug from Kashmir Moon. They can see and feel the tradition of expert craftsmanship that has gone into the making of these wonderful crafts.

Kashmir is a land of unique and enchanting beauty and this is reflected in the creation of each artful piece. Each piece is handmade in rich colors depicting the traditional designs such as the exquisite floral, exotic animal and the classic paisley.

Kashmir Moon’s garments, accessories and home furnishings combine a flair for fashion with function. Each piece has its own distinctive feeling, a timeless quality that can be used in every season and for all occasions from casual to formal.

Unfortunately as these crafts are dying and on its last stages, Ali has been working tirelessly for many years by promoting these crafts in the international market and providing jobs for the artist’s and their families.

Like the inspiration for his company name “Kashmir Moon” Ali wants the beauty of these unique crafts to shine through in the world of fashion and design.
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